05.10.2019 Path x ArtVerona15 | Preview

Ahead of Path Festival x ArtVerona15, Rocket Radio Veronetta hosts a panel with members of the collective and Sara Benedetti, ArtVerona Fiera d’Arte’s project manager, presenting the event.

During the event, a very special session with Dax DJ premiering the “Subliminal Poem 1994” mixtape, an exclusive recording made for Crispy‘s 10 years anniversary, the live sounds of Ra Kunesh and the selections of Diego Innaro (Svbterrean Tapes)

– 6:00PM > Dax DJ pres “Subliminal Poem 1994”
– 8:00PM > Path Festival x ArtVerona15 Press Conference, moderated by Salmon Magazine
– 9:00PM > Ra Kunesh live
– 10:30PM > Diego Innaro

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Circolo AICS Rocket Radio. Via Arduino, 6/B – Verona

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e s p e r p e n t o #01 #daxdj podcast

Una mia vecchia registrazione del 1994 ritrova vita grazie agli amici di e s p e r p e n t o. Il ruolo del #DJ moderno deve essere questo: educare, provocare.. naturalmente ci vogliono i “contenuti”! Tra il 1993 e il 1994 sono usciti dischi fondamentali per la cultura elettronica, musica ancora attuale che ha influenzato un bel tot di artisti e dj. .. Fate attenzione perchè ne ho molte altre cassette e anche di più pazze ..

e s p e r p e n t o #01 w/ Dax DJ (FAMILY HOUSE /PARTYHARDY)

The first e s p e r p e n t o by Dario Bedin is a special mixtape recorded in 1994: IDM (known as “art techno”, “intelligent techno” or “electronica”) is the controversial musical genre which embraced the underground phenomenon between 1993 and 1994.


A-Side: “Astral Dub” by Dax DJ, consists of experimental works by great artists such as AFX, with ambient, IDM and astral dub stuff.


B-Side: “A-E-O” contains a selection with futuristic tracks by Autechre (æ), Seefeel and many others. *Afro Technological influences inside.*


% % % “The one who wears the ritual mask has the task of absorbing his/her own personality loosing himself/herself; the ritual works thanks to hypnotic music and folk dancing; these elements create an altered state of consciousness.” % % %

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“Happy Disco 1 2 3” Dax DJ

Un po’ di web archeologia! Correva l’anno 2008: online ci sono ancora questi 3 mix attualissimi! Consigliatissimo agli amanti della #disco #boogie #house #electronic
… appena caricati qui: https://www.mixcloud.com/daxdjfamil…

Fresh air (inspired by Bel-Air), something for your mind, body and soul.. Let’s Boogie, Makes you Happy! .. In the modern, stressed era! EASE YOUR MIND* #daxdj

vinyls only, efx and loops

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