Lattexplus Series | Dax Dj 08

The 8th podcast #LattexpluSeries is from a dj and collector of a ton of vinyl records Dario Bedin, DAX DJ at turntables. He has for the music that he essentially defines as something religious.

Music research is a way of life for him, expressed by eclectic dj sessions. His djset range from house, disco, techno, electronics. Enjoy the music!

Perfetto per l’estate… “A TOUR IN ITALY” il mio #mix 08 per gli amici di Lattex Plus Firenze 😊
A music excursion: boogie, disco, funk, house music, acid, electronic, techno old and new..
BUONE VACANZE! http://bit.ly/LattexPlus08-DaxDJ

e s p e r p e n t o #01 #daxdj podcast

Una mia vecchia registrazione del 1994 ritrova vita grazie agli amici di e s p e r p e n t o. Il ruolo del #DJ moderno deve essere questo: educare, provocare.. naturalmente ci vogliono i “contenuti”! Tra il 1993 e il 1994 sono usciti dischi fondamentali per la cultura elettronica, musica ancora attuale che ha influenzato un bel tot di artisti e dj. .. Fate attenzione perchè ne ho molte altre cassette e anche di più pazze ..

e s p e r p e n t o #01 w/ Dax DJ (FAMILY HOUSE /PARTYHARDY)

The first e s p e r p e n t o by Dario Bedin is a special mixtape recorded in 1994: IDM (known as “art techno”, “intelligent techno” or “electronica”) is the controversial musical genre which embraced the underground phenomenon between 1993 and 1994.


A-Side: “Astral Dub” by Dax DJ, consists of experimental works by great artists such as AFX, with ambient, IDM and astral dub stuff.


B-Side: “A-E-O” contains a selection with futuristic tracks by Autechre (æ), Seefeel and many others. *Afro Technological influences inside.*


% % % “The one who wears the ritual mask has the task of absorbing his/her own personality loosing himself/herself; the ritual works thanks to hypnotic music and folk dancing; these elements create an altered state of consciousness.” % % %

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