The music of the future is already developed, but the minds of the people of earth must be prepared to accept it. (Sun Ra)

Family House Collection

Finalmente online lo showcase di quasi tutte le uscite discografiche della mia label, selezionate e mixate.. By Dax

Mogdax – Fact 1

Tracklist A Jack Ibiza 8:26 B1 Black Side 7:09 B2 Jack Ibiza (Acappella) 1:00 Discogs


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Daniel Araya – Interview + Live at Rundgång EP

1. Present yourself; origin, now, future. My name is Daniel Araya, I’m from the Swedish countryside originally but now live in Stockholm. I’m the studio engineer at state run and I have my own company where I build custom made elctronic and mechanics for art, sound and movie sets. I discovered house and acid

Re.Doit.Stone.Funk.Collective ‎– Stupidisco EP

Tracklist A1 Superjuice A2 Little Beat B1 Nunso B2 Cartella FAMILY HOUSE  Discogs Extra Limited 5 copies handcut and hand numbered release. Trax made at Beker House Studio.. Early days! BIS Radio Show #830

Arkfy – Prism

TRACKLIST 1 Prism 2 Xoy FAMILY HOUSE RECORDS 007 shopping info: Beatport Download Junodownload itunes Spotify Artwork By Erik Varusio 2015 © family house copyright control

Oasi ORIGINS – DAX DJ #SPACEFUNK3000 Limited Edition Tape

Una foto pubblicata da #daxdj Family House Collective (@familyhousemag) in data: 11 Gen 2015 alle ore 13:38 PST Dax DJ presenta: “SPACE FUNK 3000”: speciale performance di sperimentazione sonora con vinili rari e chicche della migliore tradizione clubbing.. Registrata il 18.01.2015 tramite TAPE RECORDER C60. (SECRET PLAYLIST) 50 Copies Only Discogs

Mogdax – Disco City

Tracklist 1 The Man 2 Boogie Down 3 Disco City FAMILY HOUSE 006 shopping info: Beatport Download Junodownload itunes   Artwork By Mattia Tono Crispy 2014 © family house copyright control


Words by Daniel Wang Mogdax represent a ‘special corner’ of electronic music right now – not many people from Italy