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ARKFY – 0100

ARKFY-0100 by Maximiliano Faccio

Love Exchange.. Got to find a Disco! DAX DJ #playlist

Love Exchange.. Got to find a Disco: playlist compiled and updated by Dax DJ

ARKFY – 0011

ARKFY-0011 by Maximiliano Faccio

ARKFY – 0010

ARKFY-0010 by Maximiliano Faccio

ARKFY – 0001

ARKFY-0001 by Maximiliano Faccio

The DJ Can’t Sleep …

The DJ Can’t Sleep “MINIAS” – Achtung Baby Records This video contains some part of “La Linea” By

Freewill – Quadrivium

Freewill – Quadrivium Records (2012) We are proud to present the first album released by Records, a special CD in an exclusive handmade case, making each copy a unique piece. An intense album composed by Italian duo Freewill during 90′s and buried for a while, waiting to be discovered. A set of sounds



Tracklist Formula Futuro (Glitch & Spiller Remix) 6:54 Baba 4:12 No Shampoo (Part 1 & 2) 9:30 Formula Futuro (Glitch & Spiller Dub) 5:49 Discogs Beatport

Steve Bug ‎– Fabric 37

Tracklist –Sunshine Jones Anywhere You Are 4:13 –DJ Swap Consequence 1:32 –Peace Division Voodoo (It’s In The Wall) 2:56 –Tom Pooks Trouble (D’Julz Remix) 3:18 –Afrilounge Lux Dementia 4:37 –Ben Westbeech Hang Around (Wahoo Main Mix) 3:31 –Gene Hunt Inspire (Abicah Soul Remix) 1:32 –Anja Schneider Belize 1:55 –Rework Love Love Love Yeah (Chloe Remix)