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Marcus Mixx interview


Hello! My name is Marcus Mixx & I’ve been making House music since 1987. I get my vibes & inspirations from any & everywhere. Since I grew up in a very diverse middle class setting here in Chicago, I love all forms & styles of music. When I record a lot of times it’s a blend of different flavors of sounds. Up until around 2013, I was drinking heavily everyday & that played a big factor too. I love to experiment & play around with sounds & effects regardless of where they’re based from. I do also get pushed by classic House tracks from the 1980’s & ’90’s as well.


I was very fortunate to be able to witness the planting of the seeds of House not from the very beginning, i.e., the original Frankie & Ronnie days in their venues. For one, I was in my early teens & I’d heard tons of rumors about it being a “Gay” thing only. But, when I starting finding out about their mixtapes in the streets & the whole concept of mixing songs together & never stopping the music @ parties, I got hooked very fast. I eventually didn’t care if my peers didn’t like the “Gay” aspect of it, because, the music was so outstanding & it took me over. As the years went on & was djing small parties & gigs, as well as, going to the big events 2 hours ahead of time just to meet & beg a lot of the legends in the making of House to let me open up for them for free. Back then, I was willing to carry their records in & out of their car, by them drinks, food, hang posters, pass out plggers, etc.

It was an amazing experience to beat & bang crowds of people that I’ve never met before. Very powerful & meaningful. Lastly, it was mega awesum to have some of the big boys play my records & seeing all of the folks jackin’ & slammin’ to them. That really helped sell my vinyl in the early stages. It was so pure & unstained by today’s commercialization of House. But, even today, House is mainly in my veins & arteries than any other form of music.


When WBMX started letting dj’s mix live on the air (& then on tape), it was the one & only thing to do get prepared for on Friday & Saturday nights regardless of the weather! The Hot Mix Five was perfect too, because, of the diverse styles & songs played by the different jocks. Some would scratch vinyl a little, some would blend right @ the breaks, some would remix two records for five minutes, some would play only the top club stuff, etc. Even in the most racist areas @ the time when it was warm/hot, every bodies car windows were down & crankin’ up WMBX & The Hot Mix Five. @ the beach, the parks, the neighborhoods, even the rival gangs would pump & push the sounds for a while & forget about the bull crap of fighting all of the time! I also noticed that in the clubs. WBMX ran the city for a long wonderful time & even people who hated R&B, slow jams & rap during the regular week, would definetly tune in on Fridays & Saturdays! People also recorded those mixes to whomp on boom boxes & cars, as well as, trade them around & make copies. People from outside of Chicago would pay & beg to get Hot Mix Five tapes.

The Best Of Ron Hardy Volume I – Streetfire Records


Ron Hardy was not only a House music legend, but, he was really cool to me & he always played my test pressing as soon as i gave them to him in the clubs. I was very lucky to have him give his input & suggestions on a couple of my most popular tracks. He always liked the deepest versions of my music & I paid him for his advise & gave him mixing credits for them all with his permission. I never went to the original Music Box in the early days, due to be underage & not ever being in a “Gay” atmosphere. Once again, name calling back then to a high school kid was redundant like it is now. But, when I turned 18, I was taken over by his style & knowledge of what it took to please & romance a House crowd!


Frankie, just like Ronnie was so fuckin’ great to me! He was more open & fun in a sense that he would sometimes joke around. I have a great sense of humor too, but, when I first met him & was next to him, I was shaking like a little kid. One time I asked him could I carry some of the records from the he came into the a venue. he said “O.K.!” As I was stuggling carrying 2 rates he said “If you drop my records, I’m gonna kill you!” I then got really nervous & he started laughing with his friends & said “I’m not worried about you doing anything bad!” – “Thank you!” He, like Ronnie had a unique style of spinnin’, but, Frankie took it way beyond belief some nights by playing The Doors, Zepplen, Pink Floyd & everybody in the club might pause for a second in the beginning of hearing something like that way of out left field, but, we all jacked up up even harder & truly loved whatever he played! He was like a big teddy bear & I didn’t care who saw me drooling of this god with a small g! Simply the best!


The Italo Disco & Italian House was very influential in so many ways! One key factor was the simple fact that it was Italian based.


Tons of DJ’s & House heads really liked the fact that House music was getting so popular around the globe & that the sounds from Italy were adding more bricks to the foundation that started in Chicago. Also, a lot of those songs were getting tons of regular rotation & play on commercial & college radio, because, of the vocals & the easy mid & final breaks. We would remix the hell out them sometimes use them to recharge the crowds. The various tempos of a lot of those tracks also played a big card & drum beats that weren’t always your typical “Four on four” pace.


I first had hands on experiences with drum machines, synths & sequencers thru L.I.A.M/Gitano Camero @ Head Studios. In the beginning, he only had a 707 & he never used it. His studio (Head Studio) was mainly recording rock & metal so the bands would use real drum kits. When he patched in a beat for me when I recorded my first song “I Wanna House”, he thought that I was nuts. Not only the simply foot, but, why so damn loud & thick. After my first session with him, he insisted that I keep my money & come back for free the following week so that he could learn more about House! I left him a cassette tape of one of my mixes & when we saw each other again, he was a hooked Househead. We played around with his synths & sequencers by adding lots of flange, distortion & whatever else the booze called for. These days, I mainly record on my MacBook, but, the digital versions of those components are just as cool to play around with.

9. LOST LABELS: Missing Dog Records, Missing Records (I Wanna House!)

The labels that I started mainly with LIAM weren’t taken seriously by us, especially me, because, I was getting most of the pub, praise & money for all that was going on. I didn’t focus on building a brand/solid label, mainly because, it was more like a hobby. Even though I’d get orders from the landmark Chicago record stores & distributers, I’d just party the money away & release more stuff @ unknown times & schedules. Even though we recorded scores of other really good House songs that are in the range of “The Spell” to “T.A.P.”, I was doing so many other things, like promoting parties, drinking, DJing, drinking, being with babes, drinking, & so on! I also never went to to any of the founders of House like TRAX & DL International Records, even though they wanted some of my material. I really regret not building up one of the labels that I started & let go so quickly! Pure laziness & of course the booze! All I wanted & needed was to party!

Let’s Pet Puppies – Chicago


Well, currently, I’m living out a dream project in a way, because, I’m making music for “TRAX Records” & “Let’s Pet Puppies Records” in Chicago & “WakeUp! Music Group” out of Miami. There are a lot of big House & Nu House legends like Matt Warren, Screamin’ Rachael, Joe Smooth & more that I’m not only recording with, but remixing & also making music videos. My dream project would be to continue to work with old & new skoolers in House without all of the negative crap that usually comes about. It’s too much fun & money for all who want to be “In Da House”!


Marcus Mixx Shannon intw. 06.2019 Family House.

Music Tales: la storia della musica :|: Porto Burci

:|: MUSIC TALES – La storia della musica raccontata da chi la fa :|:

“Music Tales” è un ciclo di incontri sulla storia della musica. Non vere e proprie lezioni, ma più avventure tra suoni ed emozioni: non saranno professori infatti a parlare, ma musicisti, che racconteranno quel pezzo di storia della musica che più si lega alla loro esperienza. Artisti, album, date, ma anche gossip, retroscena e leggende metropolitane. Una sorta di stand-up comedy tra musica e parole, tra suoni e racconti.

Ogni incontro durerà circa 1 ora e mezza: gli artisti accompagneranno i loro racconti alcune parti musicali, come ascolti, video, composizioni, cover, giri caratteristici, o piccoli dj set.

Tutti le serate si terranno di domenica, dalle 20.30, al Circolo Cosmos – Porto Burci, in Contrà Burci, 27.


28 ottobre • Mauro Cecchin: “Il pianista classico: Listz, Chopin e le melodie popolari”
4 novembre • Zabriski: “Alan Lomax e la nascita del blues”
18 novembre • Alberto Dori: “Wibbling Rivalry: gli anni 90 e il britpop”
2 dicembre • Edoardo: “From Genesis to Revelation”
16 dicembre • Dax DJ: “La storia della musica house”

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Circolo Cosmos – Porto Burci
Contrà Burci 27, 36100 Vicenza, Italy


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Season 2017 / partyhardy

22:00 – 04:00

2 Settembre
29 Settembre
20 Ottobre
17 Novembre
7 Dicembre

Disco, Boogie, Funk, House Music, Acid
Fast/Down tempos, and heavy EQing
Vinyl Only

Cost /
0€ fino alle 23:00, poi 10€ con consumazione

Info Call /
342 740 3042


Venue /
Miralago Disco
via Lago di Fimon, 117 Arcugnano Vicenza

Joe R. Lewis Target Records Chicago intw.

1. Why and When did you start to produce music?

True story: back in elementary school, house music wasn’t my first love of music; in fact, it was rock and roll music. I use to get teased for listening to this style of music, not only from the guys, but from the girls too! While everyone was listening to either R&B or dance (disco) music, I was listening to rock and roll music. I use to play my rock and roll music on a very large boom box (everywhere I went) and were wearing my Kiss T-shirts too! One day, I eventually knew and heard my calling (to attract the girls) not only to DJ, but to also through some of the biggest “house music” parties that Chicago has ever known and loved.

At “The Loop Roller Disco Skating Rink”, I re-named it “The Loop Machine” where I was DJing and organizing pack to capacity house music dance parties by the thousands, every Friday and Saturday night, also booking other Chicago house music legendary DJ’s, such as, the godfather’s of house music “Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy ‘aka’ Ronnie”, the king of house music “Farley “Jackmaster” Funk”, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Mike Dunn, Armando Gallop ‘aka’ Armando, etc. I also hosted my very own bi-level house music dance club in Chicago named “The Jungle Club” and the rest was history.

2. Where do you continually get your inspiration?

I continue to and always will get my great inspirations from two of my greatest music influences: Larry Heard ‘aka’ Mr. Fingers and Byron Walton ‘aka’ Jamie Principal.

3. Talk about Target Records.

In 1981, I was fed up with a few of the labels here in Chicago due to their mishandling practices of money that I decided to venture off on a label of my own. I confided my greatest intention to a great friend of mine, the grand high priest of Chicago’s house music “Craig S. Loftis” who regularly DJ’d here in Chicago alongside the godfather of house music “Frankie Knuckles” about my decision. Craig thought my intention was an intelligent one, and in fact, he named my label and “Target Records Chicago” was now born.

DJ Joe Lewis is the president, C.E.O., and founder of “Target Records Chicago” since 1981, which was ideal only for me, but I decided to help or gather up a few other inspiring DJ’s and artists along the way, such as, Larry Heard ‘aka’ Mr. Fingers, Paul (Leighton) Johnson, and Melvin Meeks, just to name a few. That was one of the smartest and intelligent idea I have ever made.

4. Love Of My Own and Change Reaction EP seminal House Music Productions.

In 1986, The Love of My Own was highly anticipated due to my meeting with Larry Heard ‘aka’ Mr. Fingers, whom I meet through the help of his younger brother (baby fingers) back in high school. While in school, baby fingers, told me that Larry was his older brother, I was a non-believer.
One day, after school, baby fingers invited me over to the family’s house (within walking distance from the school) with great excitement and much disbelief, I accepted. At the time, I didn’t know what Larry really looks like or if he would even be there at all, but I was determined to find out about him anyway. I was soon invited to walk into an off to the side bedroom (of which was Larry’s) and there was a guy, who I now know as Larry, creating this wonderful masterpiece “Mystery of Love” for the first time being recorded, ever! I was mesmerized by the sights and sounds of his incredible work of art.

I was so amazed that I also created my magical masterpiece “The Love of My Own” a style I believe symbolizes Larry’s with a dream that he would work with me on this project and, in fact, he did. Two years later, in 1988, I simply wanted to create a house collector’s E.P. album titled “Change Reaction” of which it was and still is today a highly collectable E.P. album. This is one of my most sought after E.P. album, if you are very blessed to own one. The prices for this incredible work is sky rocketing high everyday and soaring from 3 to 4 figure sums on EBay, happy hunting.

5. Talk about Repress, Bootleg, your new record on Clone.

I believe repressing of great quality house music, such as, club music that receives much more radio play is a good thing. Not only does it help the DJ that could buy a brand spanking new copy to replace the scratched, worn out one that he or she banged to death in the club. It can help with fond memories, re-living, or re-birthing of those great house music parties and moments. It also will help the new generation, who may not have heard of this great style of house music played before or may not have known of this quality work of art from various artists, to further educate them about the making and the history lesson of house music, and to keep the house music culture that we helped build alive, because the newer generation is our future DJ’s and recording artist’s.

Far as bootlegging, I’ve been bootlegged once or twice before, nowadays, who hasn’t. I win settlements in or out of court. Just remember this; if anyone chooses to bootleg me for any reason at all ever again, without express written consent from “Target Records Chicago”, we’re going to come after you (all around the world) in a court of law, no excuses, period! With my approval, I have three re-releases that are out or either scheduled to come out in the near future on two of the most well respected labels, such as, “CHIWAX and Clone records”. The CHIWAX re-release titled “Chi-House” is out not, so go and reserve your copies today and the Clone record releases titled “Lost In Tracks” and “Change Reaction” originally released on “Target Records Chicago” in 1988, will be re-released very soon. All three of these re-releases were hard to find, but now will be a must have again and will continue to be a crowd pleaser as usual. They are very highly sought after and anticipated and will sell out fast, so don’t sleep on these beautiful gems.

6. Tell us about Chicago music scene past/present.

The Chicago house music scene of the past is the “Holy Grail” and shouldn’t be compared to the Chicago house music scene of the present, which would be an insult! We shouldn’t even be comparing the two in the same sentence. That’s like trying to mix oil and water, those two will never mix. Just like this comparison, there is none! The past history of the Chicago house music scene was the originators, who helped pave the way for D.J.’s and artist’s, such as myself and countless others. They helped to create, form, and shaped this culture and dance music craves, that’s being felt all over the world today! The house heads here, we use to look forward to clubs in the past, such as, the warehouse (the original location), the music box, the candy store, C.O.D.’s, etc. We use to look forward to the greatest D.J.’s of all times, the godfather’s of Chicago’s house music and beyond “Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy ‘aka’ Ronnie” and the founding father of Chicago’s house music “Lil Louis”. No matter where these three D.J.’s / Artists played, ALL D.J.’s here (no matter how big or small their D.J. name was or is) came out to hear these three legends play every time, even me. We miss good, productive radio station dedicated to the game of house music such as, Saturday nite live, ain’t no jive, Chicago’s number one dance party, heard on 102.7 F.M. W.B.M.X. Oak Park / Chicago. We also remember there was a record shop that we all loved and supported throughout the many years of house (young or older people bought records here) “Imports, etc. records”.

The present history of Chicago house music scene is not being felt, loved, and respected in the same way that it once was. Although, the nightlife scene has been down and climbing up steadily, it seems to be going in the right direction now with the new breeds on hand: D.J.’s, Artist’s, dance venue’s, and even the record sales are on the rise too! We (Chicagoans) have to stick together much better to make this thing we love, call house music that we helped build, work again! We have to be the trendsetters from the past and carry it into the present (looked up to again) like we us to.

7. Drums, Synthesizers and Sequencer.

There are a lot of amazing drum machines, synthesizers, and sequencers out there, but there are quite too many to mention right now. As to the pacific gear I use, that’s for me to know and for everyone else to find out (very mysterious), one love and respect for the artist and the house music creation.

8. Which artists are you currently listening to?

While I have no favorites, I listen to every artist from around the globe that is very dedicated in making quality house music, especially those artists who use live instruments in their creations, such as I, and such as, club music.

9. Your best place for music .. around the world?!

Where I’m DJing (I’m back!), where the beat and the house music take me, to a well-advertised dance venue with thousands of patrons in an attendance, or a quality recording studio, anywhere around the world (I’m releasing new music).

10. Enlighten us on your dream project?

At the moment, I have no dream projects in sight (I’m releasing new music again!) I’m not a big dreamer, but I wouldn’t mind collaborating again with Larry Heard ‘aka’ Mr. Fingers or I wouldn’t mind doing a project with Byron Walton ‘aka’ Jamie Principal. I would be up for doing a project with DJ’s or artist’s, such as, Stacy Kidd, Glenn Underground, Sheree Hicks, Brain Pope ‘aka’ DJ Pope, Dmitri Bronson, and Elise Gargalikis, just to name a few.

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