This album “Non Stop Rhythms” by Tom Carruthers was released in 2021. L.I.E.S. presents his first album like this: “Blinding double pack of heavily old school influenced bleep, direct from the depths of England by prolific young producer, Tom Carruthers. These are heavily sample based mpc productions that harken to the carefree days when the pills were pure and the music was fresh and never stopped. When house was techno and techno was house, this long player takes the best elements from say Chill Records, early-Warp and the best Nu-Groove creating timeless dance tracks made for the warehouse dj. Essential stuff here.” Initially it seemed like a copying of some classic electronic and bleep techno records! Listening and listening to his productions, I understood that they weren’t so obvious: in fact it seems like a sound that echoes the past, but performed by a very young boy and in the present day! In 2023, “Future Wave” was released, an exceptional triple album: a reconfirmation, that is, a cool “cult” sound that harks back to some myths. I keep wondering how he managed to come up with certain sounds and rhythms! He certainly has talent, a good ear and technique. Recently my friend Raoul managed to release two acid house tracks on one of his labels, so I asked him to help me interview this good and curious producer. Happy reading, happy listening! We Never Stop Rhythm…


RAOUL: Hi Tom, you’re one of the talents of the new underground electronic scene, maintaining a sound that harks back to the roots of Chicago and Detroit with a very personal attitude, and you manage to create a unique sound. I personally discovered you through Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. in 2021 with the album “NonStopRhythms”. How did your collaboration with Ron Morelli start, and how is it going since then, considering two more LPs, “Programmed World” and “Future Wave,” have been released?

TC: So long story short, basically I was just doing my own thing, in my own lane and fully locked in producing tracks everyday. Ron hit me up just saying he liked what I was doing and from there we started to chat.

Ron took a chance on me and gave me the platform to release my music. I was a 20 year old kid that nobody knew, so it was a risk.

RAOUL: In 2020, your label NonStopRhythm was born, where you create a true team of artists with periodic releases. I also had the pleasure of being part of it, and I immediately noticed that you tried to create connections with the artists and to grow your roster without big names. What is your idea of managing a label, and did it form over time or did you already have clear ideas?

TC: I’m selective with who joins the label. I don’t like the idea of just cherrypicking names that will make quick cash. Labels like that have no identity and don’t really interest me. They come and go. All the classic legendary labels had an identity that made them stand out, they developed artists.

For most guys on the label it’s their first ever release, and I like the idea of everyone growing from the ground up. It’s more of a tight-knit operation where we all help each other.

RAOUL: NonStopRhythm was one of your starting points, but where did the idea come from to integrate different Sub Labels like DataSync and Chip Records, and especially what’s cooking?

TC: I was sat on some material that didn’t quite fit with what was happening on non stop rhythm, so i decided to branch out the label and set up a few sub labels to cater for the material that doesn’t fit. These are new projects so we’ll see how they get on in the future.

RAOUL: The sound that distinguishes you is very old school, and like me, you didn’t live through the 80s and 90s for age-related reasons, so I would like to know what prompted you to make this type of music and who are the artists that inspired you to get involved?

TC: I think just that sound resonates with me. There’s a reason those classic tracks are still listened to 30+ years on.

RAOUL: It’s 2024, and social media is an integral part of our work as producers and DJs, but I see you going in the opposite direction, only posting the bare minimum and preferring to share only with the people close to you without constantly being in the spotlight. What do you think about this?

TC: That’s just my personal preference but each to their own. It’s a useful tool so people who utilise it how they see fit.

RAOUL: You’re a very strong producer, and tracks of very high quality keep coming out constantly. What is your workflow in the studio? Hardware or software that you can’t do without?

TC: Mostly software based, but I’m thinking of getting into the live performance style stuff.

RAOUL: I think a strong point of your productions is the Basslines. List me three fundamental tracks from that point of view for you.

TC: It’s all about the bass. 3 tracks with bass lines I love, maybe “Rhythim Is Rhythim – Nude Photo”, “Joe Smooth – Inside My Mind” and “Shawn Shegog – Love Traxs”

RAOUL: Do you have any live performances scheduled soon?

TC: Currently no, but I’m open to it in the future once I feel confident in the performance and find my workflow.

Tom Carruthers intw. 05.2024 Family House.
Thanks to Raoul www.instagram.com/peterraou_raoul/