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Putsch ’79

PUTSCH interview by Dax DJ (Year 2004)

1. Present Putsch 79 to boogie lover!
Sami: Putsch ’79 is about grooving disco beats, throbbing basslines, smooth chords with influences from house and techno. Lots of references to good old disco and funk.

2. Tell us about Finlad music scene.
Sami: Well, I don’t have much connection with the rest of the electronic music scene in Finland. But I think it’s pretty good and there are people who are doing interesting stuff.
Pauli: There are lots of finnish releases on foreign labels though. Every now and then, some track pops up from nowhere. Afterwards you realize that it has been around for several years – and the guy who made the music lives next door.

3. Where do you continually get your inspiration?
Pauli: Listening to live music in clubs and concerts, no matter what style or genre. I listen to all kinds of records from finnish “schlager” to ac/dc.
Sami: A lot of the inspiration for me comes from other music I listen to. Obviously I use a lot of influences from old disco records but also from contemporary music. And then there’s of course the usual stuff that inspires people like me to write music: love, life, universe, etc…

4. Your best place for music .. around the world?!
Sami: I had the best gigs in Spain and Belgium. It’s all been ok though but I don’t think there’s much audience for music like this in Finland.

5. Talk about the future about sound, music, rhythm ..
Sami: I hope there’s going to be more funkiness and depth in the music! I’m mostly bored nowadays with the pseudo-intellectual electronic music that’s too clever for it’s own good.
Pauli: Then there’s so much this stupid music too. You know, when something is overused it’s just boring. You can’t tweak the bass louder forever. It’s a fine line.

6. Synthesizers and Sequencer.
Pauli: Sound is important but it’s also about the playing and the feel of your equipment. I prefer to groove through fingers. I was sceptical for some time about the analogue stuff, but it has become quite clear recently, that analog equipment is the way to go. With sequencers it’s a question of what you’re accustomed to. You can do all the important stuff with any of the sequencers around these days.
Sami: We use some analog synthesizers and effects boxes but also computers and software. There’s something in the character of old synthesizers and effects that can’t be done on just software. Of course it all depends on what you do but for our sound it’s quite important.

7. Your Album!
Sami: I can’t be objective to the music since I’ve heard the tracks so many times… It’s going to be funky, that’s for sure! I wish there would be more vocal tracks there but that’s the territory we’re going to explore more in the future.
Pauli: Deep and funky. distribution

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