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GU 1) Ciao Craig & Graeme, please introduce your story!!
SS 1) Craig and I met at school. We found that we had similar tastes in music and decided to start up a band with some friends. We never stopped experimenting with music and some years later, we were exposed to house at Slams party at The Arches Club in Glasgow. Since then we have been completely obsessed by this music. We started to experiment with dj’ing and production, playing anywhere we could and after a while started our own label. After two releases on this label we signed with Soma.

GU 2) I know you went from a Rock’n’Roll band, is it right??
SS 2) Yes, the band we started was called Dead City Radio and we kicked out the jams.

GU 3) When and why, Silicone Soul project started??
SS 3) Silicone Soul really started with our signing to Soma. We took the name from a track we had produced and released on our own label “Depth Perception” before we began working with Soma.

GU 4) DarkRoom Dubs is your last enthusiastic project as well as is your personal label, tell us about it!!
SS 4) The idea with “darkroom Dubs” is to release music from producers whose music we enjoy, sometimes with remixes that we think will be interesting. We have tried to choose the releases carefully, each one to us is has a unique and special sound. The label also allows us to experiment with styles of music that might not belong on a silicone soul album with our own productions as with the first release.

GU 5) What do you think about the large use of mp3 in many Dj set?? We give best support to VINYL!!!
SS 5) Certainly for us there will always be something very special about vinyl. For us nothing will ever replace it. Some of the new technology, however, is fairly impressive. We have been using Final Scratch recently as a way of playing new and unreleased material and have found it to be pretty cool. We think that the more options available to the dj, the better and it is generally a good idea to keep up with technology as it is so closely linked to the music itself.

GU: Guglielmo Mascio (Year 2000)

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