Jazz Not Dead JND* Resident Advisor #Top10 March 2010-2011 Festivals

I’m so proud of Jazz Not Dead Festival here some memories and videos …

#Top10 March 2010 Festivals

08. Jazz Not Dead
January 26 – March 30
Bar Sartea
Vinceza, Italy

The premise of Vicenza, Italy’s Jazz Not Dead festival 2010 is a fairly simple one to grasp: Ten consecutive parties on a Tuesday at the city’s Bar Sartea venue within the loose musical bracket of “raw house.” The wheels of their sixth edition have in fact already been set in motion (the initial show on January 26th welcomed festival favourite Daniele Baldelli to cut the ribbon) and will roll all across the month of February with sets from, among others, Levon Vincent and Quarion. Local selector Ralf DJ helms the first of five March dates, which will also see Tama Sumo & Prosumer, Dor and Scott Ferguson spin, before Balihu boss Daniel Wang steps up on the 30th to bring the curtain down in his own fabulous fashion.

RA pick: Ferrispark proprietor Scott Ferguson digging deep.

#Top10 March 2011 Festivals

10. Jazz Not Dead
January 18 – April 5
Bar Sartea
Vicenza, Italy

Vicenza’s Jazz Not Dead will never be ranked among the major players of the international festival circuit—but for electronic music fans in and around the city that shouldn’t matter one iota. The event’s calling card is intimacy, after all. And the curatorial team behind this seventh edition have opted for an even more localised affair in 2011. Over the course of eight consecutive Tuesdays, Bar Sartea will host a string of Italian talent, which began back in January with Restoration Records bosses Lucretio & Marieu performing as The Analogue Cops. The notable out-of-town appearance falls on March 15th, when Metro Area’s Darshan Jesrani comes to Vicenza, while Italian DJing legend Beppe Loda will blast off on March 8th.

RA pick: Go as local as it gets and catch resident Dax DJ at any of the eight events.