GU : Ciao Jurij, ciao Paolo, how and when TUTTOMATTO’s Project was born?

Tuttomatto: All began in Genova in 1995, during a night party where I ( Jurij ) Was playng as Dj…Paolo, great rare groove’s collector,was bewitched as I was playng House Music with Disco influences ! Since then,we always produced music together. In 1996, we decided to leave Italy and to go in London,where we could have the opportunity to create a less commercial sound,less tied to Classic House too !! This would have been very difficoult to make in Italy..

GU : In your works,there are different influences,from Disco,Funk,Afro,Latin…can you describe your music style??
Tuttomatto: Disco,Funk,Afro,Latin……eh,eh !! However!! It’s very hard to describe Our sound and sincerly, we preferred not doing it !! The influences are clear and exactly described by you !! What happens in studio, is only our creativity eruption !! In the new album on TUMMY TOUCH, that will be out on shops on september, the influences are more various, going from Rock to Electro…

GU : Did you think to have too much success?!
Tuttomatto:…Sincerly we didn’t think so much, when we were working to the first album “ FUNKULO “ , differently from what happens in Italy, we could create music without Creative brake at last, and we were very excited …… Whatever might have been after, was not important, label’s and TIM “ love “ LEE ‘s ( the producer ) award, was enough !

GU : Which are TUTTOMATTO’s coming soon news ??
Tuttomatto: Just now you could find the new “ LMF EP “ on Tummy Touch in the shops,and the second album ( Tummy Touch )out soon, meanwhile, Paolo and I Realized a project with BAGATELLE , the best French duo, and we have created JAM BLOCK.. JAM BLOCK is a party that we make every month in London and in Paris too, but overall is our Label !!! On JAM, we are working about some project more turned to dancefloor, whit names like “ PORKY “ and “ PLAY MO’ BITCH “… The first release, “ PLAY MO’ BITCH – Preach To Party “, will be out on June, and it’s a best gospel Funk House tune, produced by BAGATELLE and the parisienne Dj THOMAS. The single contains an ORGANIC AUDIO ‘s remix,….very very killer….

GU : “ FUNKULO “…to whom ????!!! 
Tuttomatto: FUNKULO is turned to all who prefer dresses to the MUSIC and ART, but overall to Italian discografics sayng : … mmm… very cool……but it’s not commercial enough…: For others FUNKULO , I’ll let you know….

KISS ……… TUTTOMATTO GU: Guglielmo Mascio (Year 2000)

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