1. We are very happy about Retreat fifth birthday, tell us about your experience, moments that give you encourage and force.

Yes, It’s been quite a ride so far and there were many moments that were encouraging! One of my personal highlight with Retreat is when Hauke and I had received the Test Pressings of RTR02 (Session Victim). We wanted to give a copy to Clé (Martini Bros) so we went to hear him play in the “Cookies” club in Berlin. We said hello, gave him the record and he played it instantly to a packed dance floor, without hearing it beforehand! Hauke and I were totally flashed…

2. Tell us about Retreat “House Music” theory.

Our theory or philosophy is simple: we just want to put out Dance music that is honest, groovy, forward-thinking yet true to its roots (the vinyl DJ’s). We never plan a release, we only put out a record if the music is there. That’s the reason why we’ve only have 15 releases in 5 years.

3. Analog, Digital, Sampling, Synth, Sequencing .. tell us your way to make music.

At the moment, I personally don’t try to follow any rules in order to make music… I find this whole digital Vs. Analog debate quite tiring to be honest, I don’t care if you’ve made your track on Fruity Loops or only with analog synths, as long as the track moves me in a certain way!
Production-wise, I like to change my set-up for every track, but one of my constant “tools” is Ableton Live. And I really like to tweak synthesizers, so I spend a lot of time searching for an interesting sound.

4. Talk about the new “Treats Vol. 5” and upcoming tour festival.

This is our 15th release and our first double 12″ in five years. It was important to have all the Retreat artists involved on this compilation as well as some old and new friends. And because we think it’s quite a special record, we wanted to promote it with an appropriate tour. So far, the gigs have been great! Last week in London (with special guest Mr. Beatnick) was off the hook!

5. Belin life and travels gig around the world.

Well, Berlin is still an incredible city and continuously attracts artists from all around the globe…I always thought the hype would die out after a few years, but it goes on and on! I always meet new musicians who just moved to Berlin in order to push their career.
I’m very fortunate to be able to perform music and travel around the world as an artist. I’ve done that for many years now, but I’m honestly not jaded, there is always so much new inspirations in people or places around the world to be found!

6. What Do You Deserve? Future plans, a message to your fans and music lovers.

Well, Of course I would to express my deepest gratitude to all the fans and music lovers who have supported me and Retreat over the years! There is actually quite a lot of new music coming out soon but I can’t say too much at the moment… all I can recommend is: “stay tuned”!

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Thnx to: Yanneck Salvo aka Quarion and Retreat Artist
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