Wine Governo HUB inaugurazione 27.05.2023

Sabato 27 Maggio 2023 Wine Governo HUB inaugurazione Spazio multifunzionale in Riviera Berica. Un luogo pensato per rispondere

02 Giugno: Summer Festival VIGNA3

02 Giugno 2023 dalle 17 alle 00 Summer Festival w/ DAX DJ + Kevin Costa (House, Funk e

VEGA festival 2023

VEGA FESTIVAL 2023 – PEOPLE ARE THE STARS 9-10-11 Giugno – Zona Eventi Ex Inceneritore – Valdagno La


Funky, Disco, House, Ballad 11 Giugno 2023 Franko 25 Giugno 2023 Dax DJ L’aperitivo della Domenica dalle 18:00

Music is the basis of all life Without music we have no meaning, no joy and no soul It comes from your innermost thoughts and emotions Music is the celebration of life Celebrate life


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Spring / Summer 2023 #daxdj

Music research is a way of life for him, expressed by eclectic dj sessions. Lover of intimate venues

A rough sound was polished until it became a smoother sound, which was polished until it became music. By Mark Strand