Dax DjAlainNickyArt DealerEntalpiaAndrea Comparin Facebook Event VI CLUBVia Del Commercio, 15/A36100 – Vicenza No matter what your beliefs, XMAS EVE is a time for everyone to share GOOD TIMES with Family and Friends

Cubek – Terranova – Akma Records

Terranova by Maximiliano Faccio 👉 https://www.feiyr.com/x/CUBEKterranova

Dax DJ Gigs & Tour Dates

“When there is an original sound in the world, it makes a hundred echoes” 23.12.2018 Domenica, Festa Privata

TAM TAM il Giornale di Vicenza 18.09.2018 intervista a DAX DJ

Discogatto a Sartea intende riprendere la vera club culture TAM TAM il Giornale di Vicenza 18.09.2018 Intervista di

Lattexplus Series | Dax Dj 08

The 8th podcast #LattexpluSeries is from a dj and collector of a ton of vinyl records Dario Bedin,

RA: DAX DJ monthly chart + events

DAX DJ monthly chart http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/daxdj On RA since September 2007 http://www.residentadvisor.net/profile/familyhousemag

Lead Us From the Unreal To the Real, Lead Us From Darkness To Light, Lead Us From Death To Immortality, OM (the universal sound of God) Let There Be Peace Peace Peace. By Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.3.28.