Savas Pascalidis ‎– Galactic Gigolo

> 1. First tell us about your Galactic Album!
galactic gigolo is a concept album, the main idea was to make trax for an techno science fiction movie..

> 2. Your equipment: analog or computer?
its a hybrid mixture of analog hard-and software..

> 3. What do you think about laptop live set?
i dont know. its not interesting for me, i never play live because im only dj since 1985

> 4. Tell us your producer experience! When start your Disco experience?
my disco experience started in the early 80´s, i played a lot of old disco when i started to dj on partys later since 1986 i played house, acid, techno till today but disco was my first love.
my producer carrier started in 1995 on different labels like loriz, kurbel,lasergun and gigolo rec…

> 5. … and about Giorgio Moroder?
im not a fan of giorgio moroder, theres just 2-3 trax that i like.. i prefer cerrone or gino soccio as disco producers.

> 6. Do you know some artist about the old Italo-Disco scene?
no, i dont really like italo disco.. just a few trax maybe..the most of italodisco was very bad..

> 7. Your best all-the-time favourite five trax/titles
very difficult with 10.000 records but here are 5 trax that i really like..

1. catnip – romance is the painter
2. skatt brothers – walk the night
3. kano – im ready
4. exodus – together forever
5. suburban knight – the worlds

> 8. Future: planning a tour, festival
… im always on tour, playing 1-2 times every weekend since years around the world. also working a lot for my label lasergun, and try to produce more stuff this year..

THNX to: Jeannine & Claudilla @ GIGOLO GEMA / interview by Dax DJ (Year 2003)