Dirt Crew

Dirt Crew

Dirt Crew interview* aka James Flavour and Break 3000

1. Present your Dirt Crew
Dirt Crew is Break 3000 and James Flavour. We have been active as producers and DJ’s since years on various labels such as Trapez, Highgrade and Brique Rouge . Since 2004 we started Dirt Crew together and released the first two 12″s on the label “My Best Friend” from Cologne. The sound we represent is a mixture of Old skool techno-house and new stuff like electro and deephouse.

2. Your coming new label
We will start Dirt Crew Recordings this autumn with our first release coming end of October. The aim is to put out our own material and remixes of friends. We are also still looking for cool new producers, you can send us demos if you like, just contact: info@dirtcrew.net

3. What do you think about the evolutions and influences of your music
Well like you will have notice, Chicago and acid are back and here to stay. We think the next year it will explode and will drop some bombs also over Italy!! So watch out.

4. Talk about your electronic experience
Like every raver we started taking lots of drugs off course and the rest is history, you know what i mean, 🙂

5. Chicago and Detroit
Still the best music ever made and rocking on and on till today, but don’t forget Italo and Disco, those where the true innovators of dancemusic, without Giorgio we would never be were we are today…

6. House music scene where you live
We both come from very different cities. Break 3000 lives in Cologne and James lives in Berlin. Those cities are quite different in their music styles. Berlin is more house and electro orientated, Cologne is more about the whole Kompakt thing and minimal techno. But actually there is no classic house scene in both cities. A lot of producers have moved to Berlin in the last months. Berlin based labels like Get physical, Pokerflat and Moodmusic Rec. have done a lot for a little house music scene that is getting known all over Europe at the moment. We combine both influences of the two cities and a label like My Best Friend is a new house label from Cologne. So there is hope and new exciting things are happening.

7. Disco or Electro Disco?
Disco off course!!!

8. Mac or PC? Difference? Analog and digital?
MAC rules , we make everything on MAC!! and digital is as good as analog nowadays, you don’t hear a difference in sound.

9. Analog amplification, dbx and compressor
Analog is always better sound, especially in clubs you can hear the difference between a ‘RANE’ mixer and a digital one. And vinyl is still the best for house music.

10. The vinyl you love
Some favourites are:

Gino Soccio – Remember
MR. Flagio – Take a chance
The Creatures – When i let you down
Joe Smooth – Promised Land
Zoot Woman
Shannon – Let the music play
Tone Loc
Grandmaster Flash
2 Live Crew

www.dirtcrew.net Interview by Dax DJ (Year 2004)