Noid recordings recently acquired the rights to the entire works of disco super-group, Emerson, Terraldi and Fuquido. And after lengthy discussions with the groups’ LA law firm, the original 8-track masters finally arrived in London. Of course, this caused uproar amongst the Noid artist roster.

The chance to get their greasy paws on such classic hits as ‘The Freakout’, ‘Lovely Day’ and ‘Body Karate’ was too much to take and it was ‘Larry Levan mixes at 20 paces’ as the disco kids fought for the right to remix. Naturally being such a bunch of utter vinyl junkies, the only way to decide such a serious matter was a disco quiz (with Noid Directors Dan & Conrad Idjut playing the part of Bob Holness of course). Well suffice to say that it was a frightening ordeal for any non-disco-aficionado that turned up at the Funkstar & Firkin that cold September evening. The run-of-the-mill Tuesday pub quiz had been hi-jacked by the Idjuts and, unless you knew the average penis length of a Studio 54 doorman, you’re chances of winning were somewhere between none and fuck all. It was a close contest, but after a sudden death quick-fire round, the Deep Fuzz production team of San Francisco won through, their ability to name the type of soap used in the Paradise Garage toilets putting them head and shoulders above the rest. So the master tapes headed back stateside.

There Deep Fuzz, headed by local waiter, dj and record dealer Ben Cooke, twisted the original disco grooves into a heady cocktail of nineties dancefloor madness. Look out for some more re-issues of classic Emerson, Teraldi and Fuquido kit as Noid continues to plunder the past for its daily dollars. Sincerely, Terry Fuckwitt & Hugh Janus Deep Fuzz are ben cook and gavin duffy who live in san francisco. having previously recorded on the idjuts noid label they released their debut album ‘body karate’, an album which compiled of a mix of their own music, disco cut-ups, alcohol and possibly some smoking. ‘Thick as Thieves’has them delivering more of the same.

This double vinyl doozy will work as a dj tool for people like paul murphy, ashley beadle, nick peacock and gilles peterson. Essential.

Taken from (Year 2001)

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