RIP David Mancuso ❤️ #lovesavestheday

The Loft Experience

When asked what makes the experience complete Mancuso replies:

” It’s a vibe. You’re having a peace of mind or you’re not. Usually the more you shed your ego, the more peace of mind you will have. The music… that’s what it allows us to be, free. The Loft parties doesn’t function about how good the DJ is – it’s about the music. “

” I’m just part of the vibration. I’m very uncomfortable when I’m put on a pedestal. Sometimes in this particular business it comes down to the DJ, who sometimes does some kind of performance and wants to be on the stage. That’s not me. I don’t want attention I want to feel a sense of camaraderie and I’m doing things on so many levels that, whether it’s the sound or whatever, I don’t want to be pigeonholed as a DJ. I don’t want to categorised or become anything. I just want to be. “

” As a dj he would never lay claim to anything so egotistical as “playing a great set”; for him, a wonderful night is made as much by the dancers as the music, guided as much by the spirit of joy in the room as by the hand who chooses the next record. ”

David Mancuso

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