AUG 01 DAX dj in 65mq Milano

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His slogan is “may the funk be with you!” that’s saying a lot about a boundless passion Dario Bedin, DAX at turntables, has for the music that he essentially defines as something religious.
A dj and collector of a ton of vinyl records who has created/promoted Jazz Not Dead festival and some of the most interesting realities of the contemporary underground scene – including also Music Is The Key – which highlight Vicenza as a sounding-board for electronic independent music followers .

As well he’s the founder of Family House: a movement committed to the underground music which is also a net magazine where DAX reviews releases, interviews leading exponents of the scene, promotes events, publishes music charts … just spreading genuine club culture.
Such an activism has brought him to gain a significant reputation: he has been doing the rounds of the international scene playing in London, Paris, Lisbon and Berlin, sharing decks with Italian and foreign artits like Larry Heard, Mike Huckaby, Daniele Baldelli, Bjorn Torske, Idjut Boys, Stevie Kotey, Daniel Wang, Jazzanova, Prosumer, Madteo … just to name a few of a long series.

Music research is a way of life for him and he’s a lover of intimate venues which are the voices of a pure and uncompromised clubbing.

■ DAX dj (Family House, Crispy)

in 65mq

Friday, August 1st | from 11pm to 3am
Aperitif time from 6pm

free admission