Minimal intw. by Dax DJ (Year 2005)

– Present yourself; origin, now, future. 
Hi I’m Lucien, Luciano, Nicole also … origin-s Chile=Swiss … living in Berlin …. and my future rest in tomorrow.

– Where do you continually get your inspiration? 
Party-s, people, love, sadness, kids, colors, tv, carottes, sun, sea, woods and rabbits…..

– Which artists are you currently listening to?
Anyone who does Music _)(*&/%%$##!!¡! …..

– Talk about Cadenza label, the artist/friends you involve. 
Cadenza is a label where new projects and people should be released, artist are musicians, friends are always present in my life.

– How do the crowds and club atmosphere different around the world? 
Everywhere thusrty of good energy, positivity and good vibes ========

– What do you think about Disco era?
Disco and any kind of music is always present and represent something to all the soul=s . so what should I say…

– What do you look for in a beat? 
+++++ RYTHM ¨¨¨

– MONNE AUTOMNE (LO-FI), Lucien N Luciano (Peace Frog) how many collaborations? I think are very important .. 
As many as possible, it s a good way to have the freedom to experiment in a new aera in music ..

– Samples or Analog equip. ?!
Sample and Analog equip.

– New software, plugins, Ableton Live. 
Software = Modul8, Native Plugins = Serato; Ableton = amazing audio midi sequencer.

– How would you describe your sound? 
My sound represent what I have in my heart blood and soul … can-t tell you how it sound … it s sounds like it could sound.

– What images and emotions do you want your music to invoke in the listener?
Body language.

– Minimal, Electronic are becoming best styles for dance scene everywhere! All Djs are playing and discover this new influences! What do you think about? 
Nobody owns evolution , it goes by it own and exist forever and ever ….
so we are all part of that one and help to keep her on the way …. helping her to find newer horizons ….

– Laptop and new mix technology or traditional?
A bit of lap top , but not too much please and traditional.

– Your very old vinyl in your record case? 
Los Jaivas.

Photo from @Goa BeatPark Summer 2005. 
Thnx to Ivo and Giancarlino.