During one of our regular Trans-Atlantic email conversations, Dax asked if I could arrange an interview with Jaymz Nylon, one of the premier disc jockeys (among his many other talents and pursuits) in the clubworld today. I fired off some questions in an email to Jaymz after reading his on-line biography. He responded with eloquent and thoughtful answers, and, to my surprise, called me at work to introduce himself and agreed to the interview. I think you will agree that the answers he provided in our initial email exchange reveal a rare glimpse into the talented mind and world of Jaymz Nylon. By Christina N.Y. (Year 2000)

1. Where do you continually get your inspiration?
Life is my inspiration and my music follows this natural path based on how I feel each day.

2. Which artists are you currently listening to?
This week I have been listening to a lot of the Isley Brothers and LTD.

3. Are you involved in any current collaborations?
Yes, a few vocal projects featuring myself, Mooney, Franco and Sokunthary Svay. Current releases Jaymz Nylon “Papolo Soul” on Captivating Records NYC, Jaymz Nylon Featuring Mooney “I Know A Place”(remixes) on Out Of The Loop U.K., and Jaymz Nylon “Brooklyn Loves You/One Nation” (remixes) on Irma U.S.
I am also collaborating with King Britt on one of his new projects returning his favor of doing a remix for me to be released on Irma in the New Year.

4. How do the crowds and club atmosphere in New York differ from those in Europe?
In Japan, Australia, and Europe the average clubber has some sort of a clue of what true dance music really is, where as in the States they do not…

5. Enlighten us on your dream project?
I grew up the youngest of 5 children our house was always full of incredible music but no one played any instruments; we all played sports, so growing up not being able to read music has allowed for my musical soul to flow naturally, thus every project is my dream project…

6. How did “New York Je T’adore” come about?
I was dating a French girl called Delphine (it’s her voice on the record). While recording this record she was doing naughtyxxx things to me, maybe this is why “New York Je T’Adore” sounds and feels so sexy…..

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