♥♣ DISCOCIRCO ♠♦ Sabato 08.10.2016

Nasi rossi e parrucche per chi si sente un po’ clown.
Trasformiamo ciò che ci circonda in un grande scherzo.

Dalle 20.00 fino alle 2.00 all’interno della Stazione Rogers:
Disco, funky, house and techno.

w/ DAX DJ (Family House | Crispy)
Imagine hot, funky, sweaty, orgasmic sex to house music, and then you might be able to understand what a family-house party is. May the funk be with you!

w/ Edwarth (Shape)
It’s all about sharing and spreading love and good feeling through the music.

w/ dj Collofit (Shampoo)
Former drum player and eclectic tracks selector: his nice vibes will move your ass for sure.

Nice people, fresh drinks, hot chicks and happy music for shaking your hips.

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Stazione Rogers
Riva Grumula, 14,
34123 – Trieste, Italy