1) Present SCUOLA FURANO 2) When and How: 

MARCO: We are Marco and Borut, from Gorizia. After a teenage spent listening to good rap, we decided to join our abilities to create something from our common love for music. With a bizarre equipment based on an Akai 2800, a pretty old Cubase version and headphones as a microphone, we started producing some funky-clunky beats.

3) Influences: Daft Punk / Metro Area and the current electro scene… talk about:

BORUT: As usual as any good rapper around, we were influenced by the great classics such as George Clinton, Atcq, Nas, Gangstarr, NWA. Growin’ up we discovered fresh and innovative sounds from people like Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Playgroup, Chicken Lips, Metro Area.
But we must mention also an underground gotha of old incredible producers that strongly influenced our work: names like Arthur Russell, Larry Levan, Bill Laswell or Leroy Burgess for example.

4) Italy and your town:

MARCO: Choices in life and musical taste are not matter of where do you live, in Italy rather than in UK.
The factor that changes the situation more than the inspiration is the response and the importance given from nation to nation to club culture.

5) Machines or Computer programming?

BORUT: Machines & Softwares: akai 2800, headphones as a mic (we’re not naive, we’re poor!), Reason 2.5, Korg Poly 800, Korg MS2000R, M-Audio Ozone.

6) Loops, 80 and italo groove:

MARCO: our music starts from a very maniacal search for a good sample, which could bring the song to life.
We mix up all our samples and articulated loops to reach the result of a final sound with many different influences. We think that’s why our songs strongly recall that musical melting pot of the early ‘80s New York scene.

7) Why the white car in your cover CD?

BORUT: When everybody’s talking about the ‘80s, we know there are ghosts of the worst stereotypes of the ‘90s that are coming too. You can’t run from the return of the ‘90s: it’s growing subtler and subtler. Miami Bass Beware!!

8) Your Live set experience:

MARCO: our dj set is a journey from yesterday to tomorrow within all our personal classics. I’m the one on a mission to put on decks electro funk and old hip hop nuggets, while Borut is in charge to deliver the new electro scene mixed up with frency beats and house classics, pumping up the SL1200’s pitch.

9) Who sing?! Talk about your “message”:

BORUT: The one at the mic is Marco and he sings about his love for chocolate vinyls and neverending friendship. There are also a lot of props so loved by rappers (file under: bling bling). On our record we host “Il Ragazzo del Phuturo” which came from the future to told us about his clumsiness with girls, a trademark in his digital life.
10) Future and coming music project:

MARCO: a second chapter of the Scuola Furano saga in 2006, some side projects and a bunch a remixes still “work in progress”.

Scuola Furano Riotmaker Records interview by Dax DJ (Year 2005)