Dax DJ – Bio

Elevating Souls through Harmonious Beats

Dario Bedin, who turns to the energetic DAX DJ during the weekends, makes the musical research his lifestyle, expressing himself through strictly vinyl dj-sets that range between house, disco, techno and electronic music. He starts buying records in his teenage years, when he works in Vicenza’s main record shop: Music Power.

Since then, his mission has always been to spread his musical tastes and genuine club culture. Set after set, his passion and his artistic skills start to be known around Europe. His music makes everyone dance, from Berlin to London, from Lisbon to Paris. At the end of the 2000s his taste and his whole energy emerge in Jazz Not Dead, a series of weekly dates that brings to Vicenza artists like Tama Sumo, Daniel Wang, Prosumer, Morgan Geist, Mike Huckaby, Bjørn Torske, mostly unknown in Vicenza at the time.

More recently he starts a new disco, funk and house oriented project: Partyhardy. The name comes from Ron Hardy, house music legend and of the main influences and inspirations for DAX.

All this led him to share his booth with countless djs, like Larry Heard, Daniele Baldelli, Sadar Bahar, Stevie Kotey, Danny Krivit, Dan Shake, Dj Sotofett, Jamie 3:26 and Tiger and Woods.

He’s also active online with Family House, dynamic net-magazine that has the aim to spread the nightlife culture through interviews, reviews, charts and events.

Dax DJ, a multifaceted artist and curator, possesses a profound passion for music that transcends mere auditory experience. With a dedicated commitment to spreading captivating rhythms and fostering a sense of togetherness, Dax DJ has etched an indelible mark on the global music scene.

Web and Blog

Dax DJ’s journey begins at the digital crossroads of creativity, as evidenced by the platform Family House. This web sanctuary is not just a hub for music enthusiasts; it’s a vibrant canvas where Dax DJ paints musical stories that resonate with the soul. Delve deeper into Dax DJ’s thoughts and insights through the engaging narratives found on the Family House blog, a space where musical journeys come to life in words.

Social Presence

Dax DJ’s ability to foster connections extends to the social realm, where platforms serve as bridges between artist and audience. Engage with Dax DJ’s sonic universe on Telegram and be a part of the musical conversations that span genres and cultures. For regular updates and exclusive content, the Facebook Fans Page is a virtual gathering point where the global Family House community converges.

Embodiment of Sound

The heartbeat of Dax DJ’s artistry can be felt most profoundly through the notes and melodies meticulously woven together. Immerse yourself in the captivating soundscape on platforms like Soundcloud and Mixcloud, where each mix is a testament to Dax DJ’s sonic storytelling prowess. Explore the musical dimensions on Dax DJ’s RA DJ Page, a testament to the artist’s ability to transfix audiences on dancefloors worldwide.

Capturing Moments

The visual facet of Dax DJ’s creativity shines brightly through mesmerizing imagery and videos. Traverse through the visual chronicles on Instagram, where snapshots of the musical journey offer a glimpse into the immersive world of Dax DJ. Dive even deeper into the artist’s vision on YouTube, where the medium of video brings the sonic stories to life. For a dash of playfulness, explore animated expressions on the Giphy channel, a space where music and motion coalesce.

Written and Visual Narratives

Dax DJ’s artistry extends beyond melodies and beats. Engage with thought-provoking perspectives and insights on Medium, where Dax DJ explores the interplay of music and culture, inviting readers to join the discourse. Immerse yourself in a visual feast through the pages of Issuu, where Dax DJ’s curated narratives come to life through an artistic fusion of words and images.

Dax DJ, a maven of music and a maestro of connections, continually pushes the boundaries of creative expression. Through a harmonious blend of sound, vision, and discourse, Dax DJ fosters a global community united by the love of music and the yearning for transcendent experiences. Join the journey, for in the world of Dax DJ, music is not just heard—it is felt, seen, and lived.