Words by Daniel Wang Mogdax represent a ‘special corner’ of electronic music right now – not many people from Italy are making this sort of ‘bridge’ between old disco, italo disco, and new electronic. Mog and Dax, together make exactly this sort of connection… Introduce yourself. How did you get started, and how long have you been DJing? Dax: I’m Dario, known

MOGDAX: Live set

MOGDAX: Live set MADE IN ITALO project @Totem Club Vicenza MOGDAX composed by two old friends Mog and Dax, both raised in the electronic music. The two of them, from the early nineties, have always encircling the electronic scene, Mog as a musician and Dax as a DJ. 2006

29.12.2018 Modular & The Club presentano: Paquita Gordon, Alessandro Parisi

Sabato 29 Dicembre 2018, dalle 23.30 Modular + The Club presentano: ★ PAQUITA GORDON (Il Vulcano) ★ Francesca Faccilongo Ulrich messa di fronte a due piatti ed a un mixer si trasforma nella scatenata Paquita Gordon. Il forte legame con la musica le è stato tramandato dalla famiglia e la voglia di viaggiare