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Una mia vecchia registrazione del 1994 ritrova vita grazie agli amici di e s p e r p e n t o. Il ruolo del #DJ moderno deve essere questo: educare, provocare.. naturalmente ci vogliono i “contenuti”! Tra il 1993 e il 1994 sono usciti dischi fondamentali per la cultura elettronica, musica ancora attuale che ha influenzato un bel tot di artisti e dj. .. Fate attenzione perchè ne ho molte altre cassette e anche di più pazze ..

e s p e r p e n t o #01 w/ Dax DJ (FAMILY HOUSE /PARTYHARDY)

The first e s p e r p e n t o by Dario Bedin is a special mixtape recorded in 1994: IDM (known as “art techno”, “intelligent techno” or “electronica”) is the controversial musical genre which embraced the underground phenomenon between 1993 and 1994.


A-Side: “Astral Dub” by Dax DJ, consists of experimental works by great artists such as AFX, with ambient, IDM and astral dub stuff.


B-Side: “A-E-O” contains a selection with futuristic tracks by Autechre (æ), Seefeel and many others. *Afro Technological influences inside.*


% % % “The one who wears the ritual mask has the task of absorbing his/her own personality loosing himself/herself; the ritual works thanks to hypnotic music and folk dancing; these elements create an altered state of consciousness.” % % %

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“Happy Disco 1 2 3” Dax DJ

Un po’ di web archeologia! Correva l’anno 2008: online ci sono ancora questi 3 mix attualissimi! Consigliatissimo agli amanti della #disco #boogie #house #electronic
… appena caricati qui: https://www.mixcloud.com/daxdjfamil…

Fresh air (inspired by Bel-Air), something for your mind, body and soul.. Let’s Boogie, Makes you Happy! .. In the modern, stressed era! EASE YOUR MIND* #daxdj

vinyls only, efx and loops

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Giovedì 24 Dicembre 2015 “CHRISTMAS TIME” Bar Sartea

Tradizionale Veglione Natalizio

DAX DJ & Friends

Bar Sartea
Corso dei Santi Felice e Fortunato, 362
36100 – Vicenza

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” like an isolated area of vegetation in a desert, Oasi is an exception, a freedom spirit, love, emotions, lost melodies, food, technology and creativity are projected in an innovative logic… an electronic paradise.. ” www.facebook.com/OasiProject

OASI sowcase feat.

ALEX NILMAR – Electronic / Techno
Fondatore e organizzatore del progetto OASI, Alex è un personaggio completo in grado di ricoprire i vari ruoli che ruotano intorno alla night life del nord Italia. Il suo credo, la melodia… una miscela di melodie, suoni misteriosi, malinconici tra pop, techno ed elettronica, che penetrano l’anima di chi ascolta.. un viaggio oscuro e psichedelico che va oltre la dancefloor di un club.

DAX DJ – House / Funky
Un veterano della plastica nera, ma con l’entusiasmo di un ventenne.. una di quelle persone che quando si mettono dietro la consolle comunicano un entusiamo totale. Considerato uno dei migliori dj (nel senso letterale del termine) della nostra penisola. Eclettico artista e collezionista che vanta nei suoi scaffali più di 10.000 vinili ! Un un mix di house, funky, techno e acid house che trasmettono tutta la sua esperienza e passione.

LOW MANUEL – Electronic
Amante della musica, la sua vera passione.. Manuel è un ragazzo strano, introspettivo, che cerca di esprimere la sua visione sulla musica attraverso uno stile sofisticato e melodico, influenzato dalle stelle e dal mondo marino. Supportato da artisti come Fairmont, Ryan Davis, Deepfunk e Sid Le Rock, lavora con due grandi etichette, Beachcoma e Sixtysevensuns.


Sabato 13 giugno 2015
h. 19.00 – 2.00

Spazio Ex-Cobianchi
P.zza Duomo 19/A, Milano
MM Duomo


Halloween | 65MQ MILANO

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DAX DJ (Family House, Crispy)

His slogan is “may the funk be with you!” that’s saying a lot about a boundless passion Dario Bedin, Dax DJ at turntables, has for the music that he essentially defines as something religious.
A dj and collector of a ton of vinyl records who has created/promoted Jazz Not Dead festival and some of the most interesting realities of the contemporary underground scene – including also Music Is The Key – that have highlighted Vicenza as a sounding-board for electronic independent music followers .

As well he’s the founder of Family House: a movement committed to the underground music and a net magazine where DAX reviews releases, interviews leading exponents of the scene, promotes events, publishes music charts … spreading genuine club culture.

Such an activism has brought him to gain a significant reputation: he has been doing the rounds of the international scene playing in London, Paris, Lisbon and Berlin, sharing decks with Italian and foreign artits like Larry Heard, Mike Huckaby, Daniele Baldelli, Bjorn Torske, Idjut Boys, Stevie Kotey, Daniel Wang, Jazzanova, Prosumer, Madteo … just to name a few of a long series.

Lover of intimate venues which are the voices of a pure and uncompromised clubbing, he believes in a constant music research as a way of life, expressed by overwhelming eclectic dj sessions.

in 65mq
Via Casale angolo Alzaia Naviglio Grande,
Milan, Italy

Friday, 31 October | from 11pm to 4am
Aperitif time from 6pm

free admission


Words by Daniel Wang

Mogdax represent a ‘special corner’ of electronic music right now – not many people from Italy are making this sort of ‘bridge’ between old disco, italo disco, and new electronic. Mog and Dax, together make exactly this sort of connection…

Introduce yourself. How did you get started, and how long have you been DJing?

Dax: I’m Dario, known as Dax DJ. Living in Vicenza in the north of Italy, not too far from Venice. I start DJing many years ago I
was 14 and now I’m 31! Initially using tapes recorded from Italian radio shows and playing them at “Cantina” small parties…
After going to high school, I started working in the best DJ record shop in my town: Music Power. They wanted me to work there, because every day I spent my time in this shop looking for new vinyl and breaking their balls! There I experienced a lot of dance music: soul, funk, disco, Italian commercial dance, techno and house music and all the little independent labels
that I love. My first 45” was Kraftwerk Space Lab, later my first 12” was Sueno Latino on DFC’s Italian Label.

Mog: I’m Max, aka Mog, 32 years old, from Vicenza. I started playing electronic music in 1991 and since then I can’t stop. I have my own music studio where I spend a lot my time, almost live in it. Since I was 17, I’ve bought and sold instruments. I’m very affectionate with the ones that are now in my studio.

Your new label is called Made in Italo. Please tell us about the first single by Mogdax, Jack Ibiza.

Dax: Made In Italo Records was founded by Max and me (2005). I can’t do music without Max; we met several years ago and we started to collaborate in his super home-studio, focusing on new musical directions and spending time talking about music, italo
and analog equipment. We like electronic music and Max is the heart of Mogdax. Fact One is our first single with two tracks, Jack Ibiza and Black Side, totally played by Mog. The voice you can hear in Jack Ibiza is mine. It’s our first tribute to the current electronic scene and the Black Side track is very close to nostalgic italo, but with some Detroit feel.

Mog, you handle more of the technical side of MogDax. I had a chance to visit your studio. Can you tell us what instruments and sound tools you use, and how these affect the results of your production?

Mog: In the Mogdax project, I am the creator of the music not only from a technical perspective, but also trying to
craft a sound that belongs to the mix of Dax’s experience and mine. I worship the analog sound from analog instruments, but I also like using the new software now available. It was hard to choose between the different types of instruments, I had no choice but to buy one and learn from the instrument itself. Once I’d bought my first Casio drum machine and my first Akai sampler I learned what sound I was really looking for and what machine would satisfy my needs. If I wanted a filtered and dirty bass I would use Roland; if I wanted an accurate and calibrated sound, I’d prefer to use my Korg or Quasimidi…The sound is the most important thing in conveying the exact feeling you have while you do your track. Talking about software, it’s useful to help the work of an artist, but it’s also standardizing the music scene at the present time.

What kinds of things influenced your musical background? Disco, funk, soul, or other genres like jazz and classical?

Mog: My dad’s passion for music was my lucky charm. He introduced me when I was very young into the amazing world of music. Every style gave me something I brought to my music, from the bossa, through to jazz, to italo disco. But what did really influenced me, and my musical sounds, were the early nineties productions of Warp, Plus8, Kk etc.

Dax: Working in a record shop, I listened to many different styles. Afro music influenced me: a sort of mixture of electronic, funk, disco and tribal – all mixed. At the beginning I played acid house on my radio show (my first Nugroove and Bobby Konders). I’d been into the electronic scene also, and collected all the Aphex Twin, Autechre, Richie Hawtin +8 and Warp vinyl. And after that, back to the seventies, and I became a crazy maniac collector of gems and obvious italo tunes. One of my Italian electronic gems: Giampiero Boneschi’s Moog Mandolins & Moonlight on Durium made with “Strumenti Elettronici.” (Thanks Bob Moog!).

Do you find that you can achieve the “italo” sound with new, virtual instruments? Or are you specifically trying to create a newer, more contemporary sound?

Mog: I prefer to create new and more contemporary sounds even if some of the italo ones are always present in my
virtual instrument archive. Nowadays, the available tools help you do unbelievable things by manipulating the sound the way
you want. I don’t want to follow a path in music creation; I just follow the ideas I have at the moment.

Do you really eat pasta everyday?

Dax: Yes, all Italians eat pasta every day! I love spaghetti all’amatriciana with parmesan, aglio olio, peperoncino and carbonara. Italian food is the best and pasta is good healthy food. We’ve got many types of pasta from bigoli, to orecchiette… also the North is different from the South and the islands, Sardegna and Sicily.

Mog: I love pasta with tomato and mozzarella. In Italy pasta is a must in everyday meals.

You actually know a number of the italo disco pioneers personally, like Daniele Baldelli or Leonardo Re Cecconi (Dr. Togo). Can you tell me about your experiences with some of them?

Dax: Yes, I know Daniele and I’m a fan of Baia degli Angeli 77/78 (legendary cosmic club) and “Cosmic Culture” (check out the new CD collection out on Amarkord Records). I have many tapes. My friends usually listen to them in the car, smoking. I’ve got several friends outside Italy that are going crazy looking for italo vinyl! The secret is to come to Italy and go to little fairs in little towns. You can find everything; it’s where I met the BAFFO and his super collection of italo and seventies US records and where I met Luigi Figini (known as Dr. Togo) from Emilia Romagna. Actually, he’s spending his weekends selling old second hand vinyl at fairs and festivals.

Are there any contemporary Italian electronic, disco, or house music producers whom you admire, or are working with?

Dax: I have many friends in Italy that do music: Spiller, Beker – Re.Do.It.Stone.Funk.Collective, Duoteque (Dusty Kid and Ferlin), Guglielmo Mascio, Fabrizio Mammarella, Maurizio Dami and Jolly Music. But my best artist, musician and friend is Mog!

Mog: Thanks brother! In the Italian electronic scene my favourite producers are Pankow in the early nineties and now Jolly Music.

What are the essential elements for a good party when you are DJ’ing?

Dax: Main ingredient: the good music; the feeling: from the location, to the people, to the sound system.

Mog: Cool People

What is your ideal kind of music?

Mog: A mix between the Orb’s dreamlike atmosphere and Richie Hawtin’s minimalism, Autechre’s syncopated sounds and Lumukanda’s tribal rhythms.

Dax: I play several styles during a DJ set, I like to surprise people and make them dance with obscure disco tunes and mix them up with electro minimal tracks or moody ones. I love it! Tracks like Gaucho’s Dance Forever – DJ version (System Music) or Sounds of Humano by Sangy (Musix), Stand By by Code 61/2 (Many Records) are modern!

Give us a Top Ten list of favourite records, old or new, and tell us why.

Dax: Several records… You need to check my family-house.net web site every month or listen to the Mogdax sound. Here for you is a quick selection of secret (but not too secret!) weapons:

PASSENGERS Girls Cost Money (Durium)
Super boogie

AUTECHRE Amber (Warp)
Very close to me

VARIOUS Big Bear 002 (Big Bear)
The way I met Stevie Kotey and Bear friends

MFSB Mysteries Of The World (Phi’Int.)
Essential juice

JIMMY CRASH (Nugroove Records)
This is minimal

ADONIS We’re Rocking Down The House
Yes, we rock!

EL COCO Cocomotion (AVI)
Dancin’ baby!

RAY MANG / LEE TONG (Hole Subaltern)
Nu-funk dope

When I was young I usually played this at the end of every set. Perfect “ultimo disco”!

What do you in your free time, besides making and spinning music?

Dax: I’ll tell you. Music is my life … My free time is just for friends and my doll!