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1. What can you tell us about the early days of UR?

It was very exciting. I came into UR after it had already started with Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, and Rob Hood. I was helping out around the UR office doing press and PR. Then I was invited to go on tour with them after Jeff quit. I stayed for a year in UR before going out on my own.

Jeff and UR started my DJ and producing career off, and I’ll always be grateful.

2. I’ve read that you announced it is your last only vinyl tour. Is it true? And why did you take this decision?

I still like playing vinyl but a) promoters almost NEVER have good, solid DJ set-ups for decks and b) a lot of the music released now is more suited to digital release/playing than vinyl.

Also, few people appreciate a good, rockin’ DJ show any more, it seems.

I play digital and release records under the name Detroitrocketscience, so that will be the push for next year.

But if any promoters with solid turntable set-ups want an old-school DJ T-1000 vinyl show, that’s fine, too!

L-3063-1296547212 L-1238-1346527682-6998

3. What do you consider absolutly personal in your sound?

Heavy bass, big kicks, up-tempo, dancefloor friendly.

“25 Years Alan Oldham Design.”

4. Who is your favourite comic illustrator and why?

I have several, but Howard Chaykin is my all-time favorite in story and art. He’s been working at a high level for decades now, and he’s personally a really cool dude as well.

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DJ T-1000 Alan Oldham interview by Eudosia Luxemburg Crispy.
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> Future: Detroit, DeepFunk, are becoming best styles for dance scene everywhere!All Djs are playing and discover this new influences! What do you think about?
–> I Think you’re a little bit above the reality, its true that more and more people are discover or play some more melodic, soulfull, deepfunk music but its just the begining. Of course and I believe that the best is to come, thats also my purpose whan I’m playing as a dj or for a live act ; promote and show this kind of music. Emotions, atmospheres, feelings are really important on the dancefloor, its not only a question of high tempo or hard sounds.

> Where do you continually get your inspiration? Tell us about “SOUL DESIGNER”
–> Its not really to definite, I’m playing some melodies, some chords, sometimes basslines in the studio and when I feel thats there is a kind of magic or special emotions or even a good atmosphere in these melodies, I start to work on the track. Especially with the Soul Designer or Fabrice Lig’s projects, for what I really want to push up the melodies and emotions.

> Which artists are you currently listening to?
–> A lot of different artists but there is some I like almost all their releases, like John Tejada, Titonton, Morgan Geist, Dan Curtin, UR….But I also like lot of deep house stuff.

> How do the crowds and club atmosphere in your latest gig?
–> I played at “The End”, London, this saturday (16.01.2002), in the lounge club and I was really surprise to see the audience reactions ; its not really usual to see the people crazy on some deep tracks, some of them came and congratulate me at the end of my set, there was a really soulfull atmosphere, its really a pleasure to hear the people so happy because they’re listening a music they don’t listen very often. I also had this kind of Experience at the “Kerma Club” in Helsinki, for the Jori Hulkkonen residency. When I finish this kind of gig, I think that my mission is completed, people were happy to hear something different, soulfull and funky.

> Enlighten us on your dream project?
–> Hum ! Not easy, I signed with KMS, Raygun and Seventh City from Detroit, now I’ll have an LP on F Communications ? I’ve never dreamt about all this cool things, so now, Everything happens now is a kind of bonus 😉
Maybe, yes… I would like to play Live at DEMF, my last dream!

> Your very old vinyl in your record case?
–> In my record case ? For the moment, its probably a Guy Called Gerald ‘Automanik’, the Derrick May ‘s remix. But I like to change my “classics” in my bag; there is so much old good tracks to play.

> Dax DJ (sorry 4 my english!) (Year 2002)
–> Fabrice Lig

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