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METRO AREA – Morgan Geist

# What is the significance of your name, Metro Area? How did you get that name?

> I originally was going to do a label called Metro Area as a house sub-label for Environ. Darshan and I started working together and we decided to use the name.

# You come completly from a techno-detroit/deep school background, is that right?

> Yes, definitely. The first records I put out were definitely grounded in Detroit and more experimental melodic techno like Dan Curtin, Black Dog Productions, Stasis, A.R.T. and others.

# U use analog instruments + strings, guitar, flute, and percussion … Who and what are your influences?

> Disco, boogie, techno, soul, hip-hop, new wave, you name it. Big personal dance music influences are Patrick Adams, early Detroit techno, early 80s Emergency records, Salsoul, West End, Supertronics, Larry Heard, lots of NYC club/loft/Garage tracks, old Chicago and NY house, etc.

# How would you describe your sound? I like the atmosfear in your sound… What images and emotions do you want your music to invoke in the listener?

> It’s up to the listener. I do hope some imagery comes into play – I love human emotions and a live feel but the music that gets me the most has no real “face” attached to it and leaves imagery up to the listener’s consciousness.

# What do you look for in a beat?

> Simplicity, funk and atmosphere. I like stuff on the ones, and I’m into 8th notes – sort of the opposite of what I was into when I got into dance music, which was 909 swingy 16th notes and tight 808 patterns.

# Quality and innovation… future projects?

> “Quality” is subjective but I think every release on Environ will be the culmination of a lot of work and struggle, but also love for the music and evolution. Innovation – it would be nice, but almost impossible to do outside recombining different forms of music. Upcoming projects are a solo EP from me, Metro Area album, a new project called Jersey Devil Social Club and other releases.

# How your live set evolve…? You start slow-deep and after? I’m very corious abuot… (I want to play with you!)

> I haven’t done a solo live set in ages. The Metro Area live set is really a mix of tempos, very much like our records. It’s more of a PA than a live set – unfortunately most people can’t afford to pay for our musicians to come with us.

# The last: I love the little voice (oh oh ohoh!) in Miura … is very boogie? who sing it? or you sample it?

> It’s not sampled even though it sounds it! It’s multitrack takes of Dei Lewison, a vocalist who happens to be the daughter of Woody Cunningham, who was in Kleer and did lots of session work on Salsoul.

# thanx in advance! +sorry 4 my bad english ;-P

> No problem. Mi dispiace che non parlo italiano!

> Morgan Geist METRO AREA Environ
# Dax DJ (Interview Year 2002)

SPOTIFY: Metro Area: Album X-Ray Join Metro Area on a journey through the music that influenced their eponymous debut album. Each Metro Area title in the tracklist is immediately followed by a sampling of songs that inspired its creation!

Venerdì 17 / partyhardy

Date /
17 Nov 2017
22:00 – 04:00

Line-up /
Mattia Gregori “Late Boy”
Dax DJ

Disco, Boogie, Funk, House Music, Acid
Fast/Down tempos, and heavy EQing
Vinyl Only

Info Call /
342 740 3042


Venue /
Miralago Disco
via Lago di Fimon, 117 Arcugnano Vicenza

Un post condiviso da #partyhardy Vicenza (@partyhardyvicenza) in data:

1.4 U 1.4 ME ∞ disco journey | urban festival

“Una nuova dimensione in un ambiente caldo, informale e curato, dove ballare, scatenarsi e condividere le emozioni che la disco music e relative influenze boogie, funk, acid e tribal possono creare..”

Venerdì 1 Dicembre
-> EARLY SOUNDS showcasing Sounds of Napoli
w/ Pellegrino & Mystic Jungle

Venerdì 29 Dicembre
w/ PATRICK GIBIN aka TWICE Blend It!, Sounds Familiar

* Resident Dax DJ

Warm-Up: Mattia Gregori, Munstac


Facebook Page

Info & prezzi:
Dalle 23.00 alle 04.00
5 € prima delle 00.00 / 10 € dopo le 00.00 / No liste!
infoline 342740342

c/o Totem Club
Via Molon – 36100 Vicenza, Italy


Venerdì 3 Novembre
w/ FOUNTAIN OF CHAOS “The Tribal Shaman”

10.11.2017 EASY meets PARTYHARDY

HO•ME winter season 2017/18

EASY it’s an easy friday

Line up:
Mari8 (PartyHardy)
Dax DJ (PARTYHARDY/Family House)

Sottoscala Music-club
Piazza Campo Marzio 15
36071 Arzignano (VI)

Orario: 23.00 – 04.00

Facebook Event

Foto online sulla pagina HO•ME: Phil Bronxl

Price? !!!FREE ENTRY!!!

Thanks To:
Money bar – Sottoscala Music-club – O2N Laboratorio – blaa

Dego from 2000 Black to Sound Signature


1. What has changed and what does stay in the way you produce music throughout these years?

The only thing that has changed in my  production of music is my constant evolving improvement of techniques and the ability to replicate what I imagine inside my head. I have learnt a lot from Kaidi, Akwasi and Matt Lord. I even got tips from Mr Larry Mizell.

2. How would you explain your attitude to genre crossing?

There is no real thing called genre of music. All that truly matters is good music or bad music.. I love a wide range of stuff and i only become selective when my mood demands it. I think “music genre tags” is helpful in one sense to find a sound but also damages music causing barriers and closed minds.


3. Which are the differences between the sound of 4Hero and the sound of Dego?

4Hero had evolved from a hard dance music sound to a kind of orchestrated ensemble. My music is less dramatic. I am fixated on the groove and pulse. The funk the flow and spirit of Africa via Jamaica to London with Afro American influence. The shit that makes your face contort when you hear it!! You hear it but your body demands you move to it!! I guess i am really talking about the target I have for my music rather than its sound.

4. Do you recognise any younger English or international producer who has picked up your teachings or who share your same vision of electronic music?

There are many young producers that refuse to be pigeon holed like myself. I do not know if they have ever heard of me but I am happy they are able to express themselves naturally.

Dego interview 2014 by Eudosia Luxemburg Crispy.


Saturday 13 December 2014 | 23:00 – 05:00 Crispy W/ Dego, Volcov, Dax, Gang Of Ducks at Factory Club / Padova


front Crispyback Crispy

( Winter è una femmina di delfino che si trova al Clearwater Marine Aquarium a Clearwater, Florida, nota per avere una coda protesica. HYBRID NATURE. )