Re.Doit.Stone.Funk.Collective ‎– Stupidisco EP

Tracklist A1 Superjuice A2 Little Beat B1 Nunso B2 Cartella FAMILY HOUSE  Discogs Extra Limited 5 copies handcut and hand numbered release. [Official release SOON]

#EASTER Surprise 03.04.2015

Venerdì dalle ore 22:00 Max Casity Dax DJ Vaca Mora Cafe’ Riviera Berica, 9 Barbarano Vicentino #rivieraberica

Lead Us From the Unreal To the Real, Lead Us From Darkness To Light, Lead Us From Death To Immortality, OM (the universal sound of God) Let There Be Peace Peace Peace. By Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.3.28.

#inthemix by Dax Dj Www.Family-House.Net on Mixcloud

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Oasi ORIGINS – DAX DJ #SPACEFUNK3000 Limited Edition Tape

Dax DJ presenta: “SPACE FUNK 3000″: speciale performance di sperimentazione sonora con vinili rari e chicche della migliore tradizione clubbing.. Registrata il 18.01.2015 tramite TAPE RECORDER C60. (SECRET PLAYLIST)  50 Copies Only