Gigi Testa – World Peace Music, NEUHM intw.

1. WHY AND WHEN DID YOU START TO DJ AND TO PRODUCE MUSIC? I started to dj in 2000 at one of my friends house spinning my father’s records, from Earth Wind and Fire to Pink Floyd and Santana, but I have been a music collector and audiophile lover since I was a kid. I

The music of the future

The music of the future is already developed, but the minds of the people of earth must be prepared to accept it. Sun Ra


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George K FU.ME intw.

1. Why and When did you start to produce music? E’ difficile ricordare l’esatto momento in cui realmente ho iniziato a pensare di produrre tracce … so di certo che ero un teenager: forse 15/16 anni. Il tutto ha avuto una naturale evoluzione con il mio percorso artistico/personale, un naturale prolungamento del mio lato più


Cabanne: Accidents of Life 1. First tell us about Minibar Music Minibar-music is the new label we’ve created

DISCS of the DECADE #NYC #80s

NYC-related DJs pick their top records of the 80s DJ Times 1989 Credits David Leifer

RIP David Mancuso ❤️ #lovesavestheday

The Loft Experience When asked what makes the experience complete Mancuso replies: ” It’s a vibe. You’re having a peace of mind or you’re not. Usually the more you shed your ego, the more peace of mind you will have. The music… that’s what it allows us to be, free. The Loft parties doesn’t function

Dax DJ – Al Verde 18.09.2016 MIX

APERITIVO AL VERDE – 18.09.2016 – VILLA CAPRERA…villa-caprera/ DAX DJ